Remembering Oliver Case on Memorial Day 2010

It has been about four months since I posted on this blog. I would do great dishonor to Private Case and his fellow Soldiers who “gave their last full measure of devotion” if I did not render a few appropriate comments on the occasion of Memorial Day.

On October 11, 1894, Captain Henry R. Jones delivered the dedication speech for the monument to the 8th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment at the Antietam battlefield. One paragraph seems particularly fitting:

But how shall tongue recount the stubborn fighting all throughout the day, the awful carnage all along the line, as four times the field was lost and won ? How shall we picture the desperate conflicts in the cornfield and in the “bloody lane,” or tell how Burnside held the hill, or the Eleventh stormed the bridge, or Harland’s Brigade forded the stream in the face of furious cannonading and raking musket fire ?

As so many hundreds of thousands have done throughout the history of our nation, Oliver Case did his duty that day in September of 1862 and the price was his life. For this act of ultimate sacrifice, I am grateful.