Walking in Oliver’s Steps

It seems that anyone who is interested may soon be able to follow the final attack trail at Antietam to the 9th NY and 8th CVI monuments via a trail extension being funded and constructed by the Save Historic Antietam Foundation (SHAF). The new trail extension will also allow access to the Rodman mortuary cannon. Previously, access to the monuments was only available via a path from the Harper’s Ferry Road with the only parking along the roadway. It was impossible to make the complete final attack walk. As I understand the route of this new trail, it will follow the left flank of Harrison’s Brigade or the right flank of the 8th CVI. Although it may not match Oliver’s exact route of march on the day of the battle, it will be good to “walk in his steps” to the place where a Confederate bullet ended his young life on September 17, 1862. Thanks to the many volunteers of SHAF for their great work!

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