Private Waston Carr, 27th Mass Inf

In his letter dated 30 December 1861 written from on board the hospital ship Recruit, Oliver Case mentions another soldier on the ship by the name of Waston Carr who has had camp fever and the measles.

Here is the information on that soldier:

Pvt. Waston Carr

Co. D, 27th Massachusetts Infantry

Listed as an 18-year old “student” from Huntington, Massachusetts

Died 7 Oct 1864 in Arlington, Va



One thought on “Private Waston Carr, 27th Mass Inf

  1. Was going to e-mail you, but didn’t see an address on the blog. My name is John Banks. I see you have me on your Antietam blog roll to the right. Appreciate that. As you know, I focus a lot on Antietam…and I am looking for more info on Martin Wadhams on the 8th Conneticut. He was from Canton, right down the road from where I live. Take care… Nice job on the blog.

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