Remembering the Sacrifice of the 11th CVI and Captain Griswold

11th CVI Monument at Antietam

On a recent trip to the Rohrbach Bridge (Burnside) area of the Antietam Battlefield, I couldn’t help but think of the sacrifice (albeit needless) of the men of the 11th Connecticut. In particular, I recalled the pronounced valor of Captain John D. Griswold who led a group of the Connecticut soldiers as skirmishers only to be mortally wounded as he crossed the creek. John Banks has an excellent, detailed account of his heroism.

The men of the 8th Connecticut had been the first of Harland’s Brigade to experience loss as just after sunrise as the Confederates sent “a solid 12-pound ball…diagonally through the Eighth, killing three men, and frightfully wounding four…” Now their sister unit, the 11th CVI, was devastated in the failed attempt to secure a crossing at the bridge.

The 11th CVI Axis of Advance toward Rohrbach Bridge on the morning of 17 September 1862


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