17 Days in September

As the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam approaches, so does the anniversary of Private Oliver Cromwell Case’s march toward destiny on those rolling hills outside Sharpsburg. The first 17 days of September 1862 would find Oliver and his fellow members of the 8th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry often on the move and under the sound of the guns. It was a time of great anticipation and anxiety for the young Private Case. Unfortunately, Oliver’s letters to his sister disappear from the historical record on August 7, 1862.

So, to honor his memory and dedication to duty, I am attempting to recreate what those 17 days must have been like for Oliver. Beginning September 1st and for 16 days thereafter, I plan to post on what happened that day in Oliver’s life and the associate events shaping his world.

Your contributions to the picture of those 17 days in September are welcomed!




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