September 6, 1862 – Washington, D.C.

For then shalt thou lift up thy face without spot; yea, thou shalt be stedfast, and shalt not fear… – Book of Job 11:15, King James Version


10 AM

The lead elements of Lee’s army reach Frederick, Maryland. One of the first encounters occurs on the grounds of the old Hessian Barracks being used as a Union hospital. Surgeon Pat Henry and other Union medical personnel who have been left to care for the sick and wounded encounter Confederate cavalrymen who demand and receive the surrender of the facility. Only six days later, Oliver Case and the 8th CVI will enter these same grounds.


Confederate soldiers marching through the streets of Frederick, September 1862


The 4th Rhode Island Infantry Regiment arrives in Washington via the steamer State of Maine and immediately goes on the march to rejoin Harland’s Brigade. According to the history of the regiment, the route of march carried the troops up 7th street to place called Meridian Hill where they made camp. Presumably, this served as the rally point for the Harland’s other two regiments, the 8th and 11th Connecticut prior to marching north in search of the Confederates.

Meridian Hill received its name from John Porter who built his mansion there in 1819. Two years later, Columbian College was founded on the hill and was later renamed George Washington University. Prior to the Civil War, the hill served as a public gathering spot for the residents of Washington. After the war began, Camp Cameron was established on the hill known now as “Georgetown Heights” to house Union soldiers.


Camp Cameron on Meridian Hill in Washington, D.C.


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