September 8, 1862 – Leesboro, Maryland

Knowledge, if it does not determine action, is dead to us. – Plotinus


Monday 8 September 1862



George B. McClellan gets a second chance to command the Army of the Potomac

Although McClellan is under no orders to go on the offensive, he continues to slowly set the army in motion as it becomes more organized. Newspapers begin to recognize that Little Mac is organizing and moving the army north and west from the capital with one paper commenting that “McClellan’s presence leads many to suppose he is to assume offensive action.”

Burnside’s wing of the army made significant progress on the previous day and the 8th CVI remains at Leesboro while the other wings of the Army of the Potomac continue moving north. It’s unlikely that Oliver had the opportunity to explore much of the surrounding area as security was tight with the possibility of receiving orders to move out at any moment.

This is likely a special day for the Case family because the 16th CVI has now made the march from Fort Ward and Oliver is reunited with his two brothers, Ariel and Alonzo. Oliver enlisted in the 8th Connecticut almost one full year prior to his older brothers’ enlistment in the 16th Connecticut.


J.E.B. Stuart, General Lee’s cavalry commander, along with his staff officers arrive at Urbana, Maryland where they are warmly welcomed by many of the citizens. Stuart, well known for his flash and frolic, decides to host a party at the Landon House, a large abandoned building that formerly housed a military academy. With music provided by the 18th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment’s band, the party was well attended by local ladies and became known as the Sabers and Roses Ball.” The dance was temporary interrupted by Union cavalry action that was dealt with before the Confederate officers returned to the party.


J.E.B. Stuart, Confederate Cavalry commander and host of the “Sabers and Roses Ball”


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