The Capture of McIntosh’s Battery

On the afternoon of September 17, 1862 as the 8th Connecticut climbed the rolling hills toward Sharpsburg, Company K temporary captured the Confederate artillery battery of Captain David Gregg McIntosh. Today, two guns represent that battery in the approximate location on the battlefield.

…there was a battery of 3 guns on the hill abandoned. my comp was then detached
to take the battery we started with a cheer we got within 6 or 7 rods of the
battery when we saw the Rebs were lying down behind their guns. we opened on
them before they had time to oopen on us. that was all that cared the Regt they
were closed en masse & then was into line when tehy would have opened on
them with grape. we played on them untill we heard a yelling on our left &
there came up a Rebel Brigade. we then commenced on them we were firing brisk
when we heard them shout we were surroun -ded on three sides. still the men
fought bravely. the CAptain finally ordered us back…

From the Diary of Roger M. Ford 1st. Lt. Co. K, Eighth Conn. Vols., Antietam National Battlefield collection.