Connecticut Yankees at Antietam

John Banks Book

I am long overdue with a review/endorsement of John Banks’ book on Connecticut Soldiers at Antietam. It has been my privilege to get to know John over the past two years as he intensified his research on the over two hundred Connecticut soldiers killed at the Battle of Antietam. It has been my honor to “walk the field” outside Sharpsburg with him on numerous occasions developing a great appreciation for John’s dedication to tell the unknown or forgotten stories of these men. His research is impeccable and painstakingly detailed. John masterfully uses his research to inform his superb collection of stories about individual Soldiers fighting and dying during the bloodiest day in American history. He is a terrific storyteller and this book is a must read for anyone interested in the human dimension of war. No matter your level of interest in the Civil War or the Battle of Antietam, this is a wonderful book to gain an understanding of what it was like for the average soldier to experience the intensity of combat.


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