13 December 1861


Dec. 13th, 1861

Dear Sister,

Yours of the 10th I received last evening after I had retired and read it this morning. I was much surprised to think that you had not heard from me for so long a time as I have written every few days, perhaps not as often as when upon patrol but certainly twice a week with the exception of last week when I did not write but once. I received yours of the 1st a week this evening just at bed time. I did not feel well that night and being chilly the next day I went to the hospital, it being very comfortable there. It is supplied with good bedding, two stoves, a tight floor and is almost as comfortable as it would be at home. I was discharged from there yesterday morning. I think you are very foolish to worry about me if you do not fail to receive letters from me regular for the mails are very irregular. Many think that a good part of the missing letters never leave the city; some think that they never get into the post office. I see by your last letter that you are attending school in Weatogue, Mary A. Weston (?) teacher. That is what I should have advised you to do, so as to review the new books that they have now in the town of S[imsbury] as well as to continue your studies in Algebra and Latin or, if not, in French. If you want money to buy books take what I have in the bank or any other of mine and use it. I shall probably send home about $30.00 the first of January. That you can have.

The patrol went down town again Wednesday. I regret that I was not able to go down with them but I presume I shall have a chance yet for I hear that some of them want to come back. It is as hard work as we have but we are not confined as much. It is understood that when the orderly gets his discharge the Captain will resign.

There is some speculation as to who will be our 2nd Lieutenant. Some of the Sergeants are making big expectations which I guess will end in expectations for they cannot all be Lieutenants. Some say that the Captain is calculating to get the orderly into that position but that will never work here because he is about played out. I do not remember if I ever wrote you in reply to you asking about Barnum(?). He was pretty small potatoes anyway. All that was the matter with him was that he was “scared” nearly to death and he feigned sickness that he might get a discharge. He was discharged in Jamaica, for a milk and water man is no good in the army. Brown does not get very smart yet. He has been discharged from the hospital for nearly two weeks but he is not smart enough to do duty yet. It would do him a great deal of good if his folks would write to him oftener. He has written home more than double the number he has received. I wish if you see any of them you would speak to them about it. They do not think with how much interest anything from home is read here where we cannot get off anywhere to see people. Benejah is here in the tent while I am writing. He has been over here to shirk drill this morning. I have given up expecting my box. I suppose they are obligated to pay for it, that is, if you took a receipt for it. I think if you send the receipt to me I can collect it here and perhaps you can there. It looks now as if we should not leave here for some time to come but we cannot tell; we are liable to leave here any moment, that is to have marching orders any day. Ariel writes me that C.E. Carr(?), our Lieutenant was fined $5.00 for getting drunk and that he has taken $12.00 from a drawer(?).

Love and respects to all.

Brother O.C. Case

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