17 December 1861

Annapolis, Maryland

Tuesday, Dec. 17th, 1861

Dear Sister,

I have just received a carpet bag of goodies per L.G. Goodrich and I can assure your if ever anything was welcome, that was. The things were good, better, best. Those nutcakes tasted like home and were better [?]. The cranberries, cider and wine were just what I wanted at the present time. In fact, everything hit just the spot. A man that would not be a soldier and have such a living must be beside himself. I have been drilling two days since I was sick and now I am as well as ever.

Mrs. Lieut. Marsh offers to mend any clothes for the soldiers that they wish. I think she may have some sewing for a day or two. The orderly is here as yet although he does no duty. Some say his father is going when he goes. I think there is no doubt but that he will resign before we leave here but when I know not. Of course there is a good deal of speculation as to who will be 2nd Lieut. I think the sergeants are looking toward it but some one of them must be disappointed. We of course all have our preferences, but time only will determine who has succeeded in getting the post.

I’ve been to see the Sheriff and the Major off. I never saw L. G. [Goodrich] as sociable before. He had been once to the 10th Regt. To see the boys; says they are all in the best of spirits. There is a report that our Lieut. Col. is soon to resign, I hope it is true for he does not now, nor ever did and I think never will learn about the military. He is the laughing stock of the whole brigade when he tries to drill the Regt. There are very few orders that he can give correctly. If our Col. should get the post of Brig. Gen. and our Lieut. Col. resign, the command would devolve upon the Major, who is a thorough bred military man as well as a perfect gentleman. He is around camp everyday speaking to any of the boys and makes himself familiar with everyone; at the same time he is a strict disciplinarian. The boys will go through anything with him to lead them. When we were at Perryville he slept upon the depot floor with the rest of us while the other officers were sleeping at the hotel.

I intend to write at least three times in two weeks but if I do not, I do not want you to think I am sick. Benejah is in our tent writing; he says “Gavette cannot be hired to enlist”, I reckon that you will have studies a plenty this winter although French will not come very hard if you understand Latin pretty well. I was very glad to receive a letter from Cousin Mary. Remember me to Aaron. Give my respects to Grandmother, Cousin Mary, and all other inquiring friends.

Your Brother,


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