3 June 1862


June 3rd, 1862

Dear Sister,

When I stopped writing the other day I did not expect that so long a time would elapse ere I should again resume my pen but it being impossible for me to finish it that day as I had (no) envelopes with me.

The last day of May we were ready and in line to go over to Newbern. The day was ——- (words missing)——– looked like, but was oppressively warm. Before we got to the city it commenced raining and we had the pleasure of standing in the street about ½ an hour and then marching back again. The new bridge over the Trent is all done but laying the track and fixing the draw. It was planked for us to walk over. I was surprised at the distance across (for the Trent is a small stream compared with the Neuse) which is at least ½ mile and the distance from where we were encamped to the bridge must be ¾ of a mile at least. It brightened up in the P.M. We were again ordered to prepare for review and again took up the line of march for metropolis. We were reviewed and inspected by Gen. Burnside and aides and paraded nearly all over the city.

Tonight a number fainted and had to be taken out of the ranks during the inspection which was tedious. As soon as our regiment reached the bridge to go back, I fell out and after resting a short time went back into the city, bought a good supper and then strolled around where I pleased, my gun and equipments being as good as a pass for the patrol took me for one of themselves. I did not arrive in camp until 8 o’clock.

Newbern is one of the pleasantest cities I ever saw for its streets are shaded by large trees which meet overhead which makes the streets pleasant that otherwise would be uninhabitable. The streets are regularly laid out but the houses for the most part are low wooded buildings and would compare unfavorably with any out of the way neighborhood at the North. Sunday I was again over to the city for the old guard have the privilege of one day to the city and the day upon review did not count.

We have just got a new programme for the duties of the day. Reveille at 5 o’clock A.M., Drill 7.30 to 9 A.M., Battalion drill 4 to 6.30 P.M., Taps 8.25. These are the principal changes.

I cannot get Mr. B’s letter through at present but will as soon as possible.

Please write whether A.G. received check for state bounty for if he did not it will be necessary to get a new one.

Remember me to all.

O.C. Case

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