30 May 1862


May 30th, 1862

Dear Sister,

Yours of the 19th was received the 17th(sic) inst. and was read with interest. Everything remains here the same as at last advice with the exception of a change in the officers of the company. Lieut. W.P. Marsh has been promoted to Capt. of Co. F. It was a surprise to our company as well as theirs and it was universally regretted by the men as he was an officer thought everything of by them. How it will go down in Co. F I do not know for the Lieut. that came out with them as first Lieut. is in the same position at present while our old Lieut. came out as 2nd and is now promoted over him. Orderly Broatch is promoted to 2nd Lieut. of this company. He was presented with a sword and sash by the boys. It took him entirely by surprise and his attempt to make a speech was a failure. Capt. Ward has been promoted to Major, our old Major Appelman having been promoted to Lieut. Col.

I am on guard today for the first in a long time and am writing this by the guard tent for we are not allowed to go to our tents for 24 hours. It is reported today that Gen. Foster’s brigade are coming this side of the Trent to build a fort.

The Paymaster has just come upon the grounds to pay off and I expect we shall get our pay ere long. It is overdue since May 1st. I may get it so as to send some in this letter. I shall see about Mr. Bacon’s letter the first opportunity which I think will be tomorrow for the old guard have a pass to the city the next day after having been upon duty.

I understand that our regiment is to be filled up. We are not sorry for the guard duty is rather irksome for the well ones for there is so many off from duty.

We have just been up and got our pay but I will not send it home until I hear from the bounty check which I sent when I first came here. The letter is directed to A.G. Case, Simsbury, and made payable to him in order so that if he does not get it I shall not lose it. We expect to get our other bounty soon and I think I shall send it and the money together by express.

I received my box long ago, sooner than I did the letter you sent with it. I presume ere this you have received the letter acknowledging the receipt of it. I can tell you I enjoyed it hugely and I think it did me much good. The cheese is excellent, I think the best I ever ate. Dried beef also and the brandies and wine, well, I shall not attempt to describe them.

Give my love to all, especially Alonzo, wife and children and Grandmother. I do not know as you can read this. I think you will find it harder than Mr. Bacon’s writing. My health is good at present and I enjoy it. I do not know but you will think I spend a good deal of my money. I am not in the hospital as nurse.

Write soon.

O.C. Case

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